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  • Donate Now | Boca Save our Beaches | Boca Raton, FL

    Done ahora. Donate TODAY and your donation will be matched! Jack Johnson’s foundation is matching donations contributed to us from April 1, 2022 - October 15, 2022. Make a contribution and it will be doubled by the Johnson Ohana Foundation, founded by Kim & Jack Johnson to support environmental, art and music education. ​ Donate Now You can now help support Boca Save our Beaches when you shop on Amazon! When you use Amazon Smile either by clicking on the icon to the right. or going to Amazon will donate a small portion of your eligible purchases to our organization. This is at no additional cost to you! REGISTRO #: CH52020 SE PUEDE OBTENER UNA COPIA DEL REGISTRO OFICIAL Y DE LA INFORMACIÓN FINANCIERA DE LA DIVISIÓN DE SERVICIOS AL CONSUMIDOR LLAMANDO GRATUITAMENTE (800-435-7352) DENTRO DEL ESTADO. EL REGISTRO NO IMPLICA RESPALDO, APROBACIÓN O RECOMENDACIÓN POR PARTE DEL ESTADO. ​

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    PRESERVAR NUESTRA COSTA Boca Save our Beaches es una organización sin fines de lucro 501C3 dedicada a proteger el medio ambiente marino a través de la colaboración comunitaria, la conservación y la conciencia educativa. ¡Contáctanos para organizar la limpieza de la playa de team building o invítanos a tu aula para ver más del mar y aprender sobre los deshechos! Reservar ahora ZONA NATURAL REHABILITACIÓN CONSERVACIÓN DEL MEDIO MARINO Concienciación Ecológica Ayude a restaurar nuestro ecosistema asistiendo a una limpieza de playa pública o contáctenos para organizar la suya. Aprenda la importancia de tener una mentalidad oceánica con nuestro programa de formación de equipos. Para prosperar, necesitamos océanos saludables, y para tener océanos saludables, debemos conservar los recursos marinos físicos y biológicos. Adopte cambios en su comportamiento para ayudar a conservar nuestro medio ambiente. Sea más consciente de los artículos de plástico de un solo uso mientras se adentra en el mar de deshechos con Seymour el Caballito de mar. Siga a Seymour para comenzar conversaciones con los niños sobre cómo nuestras acciones afectan el medio ambiente. Children Educated About Marine Debris Pounds of Trash Removed From Our Beaches and Communities People Engaged in Preserving Our Coastal Community Boca Salve Nuestras Playas: Comunidad con un propósito. Involucrarse

  • Our Team | Boca Save our Beaches | Boca Raton, FL

    Our Team. Jessica Gray Founder, President & Cleanup Coordinator The first time Jessica saw the beach she three months old and enchanted. By the age of two, she was playing in the water, saying "beach" for the first time. ​ Growing up Jessica splashed in the waves with her family, and said hello to an abundant amount of starfish, horseshoe crabs and stingrays. It was moments like these that she fell in love with the ocean and all the life it supports. ​ Over the years Jessica noticed increased amounts of trash on our beaches and deceased marine life. Although heartbreaking, in 2015 she decided to do something about it by educating people. Boca Save our Beaches was born to create community awareness about marine debris and its negative impact on the environment. Through the years, Boca Save our Beaches has hosted hundreds of beach cleanups, and educated thousands of people on how the publics obsession with single use plastics has a harmful effect on the ecosystem and even human health. Jessica is adept in sustainability and looks towards the future of our oceans. Vice President ​ ​ Michelle Grau Treasurer Bio Coming Soon... Morgan Knowles Educator Morgan is scientifically trained with two degrees in the marine sciences, ocean educator, and marine conservationist world. She has dedicated her life to the protection, conservation, and sustainability of our oceans. Morgan took the plunge into graduate school in 2011 to follow her dreams of being a scientific mermaid researching corals and learning how to restore genetic diversity via restoration and protection. She has worked with coral husbandry, restoration, coral spawning, and also with sea turtles, sedimentation, sharks & rays, and reef fish. While spending countless hours underwater scientific diving up close and personal with reef life, Morgan was FLOORED by the amount of garbage on our reefs. Beer cans, Cheetos bags, solo cups, plastic bags, Band-Aids, fishing gear, etc. Plastics tangled through reefs inspired her to dedicate her research towards investigating the effects of marine debris on marine organisms and ecosystems and she hasn't turned back since. She regularly cleans up the beach and reef as much as she can. Lynn Gray Event Crewperson Meet Lynn! Lynn is a new resident to Florida and had no problem diving right into volunteering (despite living an hour away!). We are so happy to have Lynn on board to help us out with cleanups and events. She has been such a great help to our foundation and our cause. Lynn looks forward to meeting you at the next Boca Save our Beaches event! This Could Be You! Grant Writer The Grant Writer will be responsible for preparing proposals and presentations using their enhanced writing skills to secure funding for our organization. This position is remote and can be time consuming at times. Qualifications Presentation skills Written communication Technical documentation Problem solving Deadline-oriented Strategic planning Market knowledge Previous grant writing experience or knowledge of the grant writing process ​ Email with resume or bio This Could Be You! Social Media Content Marketing Mgr This person will be in charge of Boca Save our Beaches’ image throughout several social media platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tik Tok, as well as helping with email blasts. (1 position available) ​ Qualifications: ​ Solid understanding of the above social media platforms (how to post, when, hashtags, etc.) Be able to commit to the project for a minimum of 6 months. Team player and dependable Hours will be about 5hrs/wk, posting a few times per week Email with resume This Could Be You! Photographer/Videographer Is photography your hobby or passion? Do you enjoy capturing photos of nature or the people who are protecting it? We would love for you to help us out throughout the year at our events. We do neighborhood cleanups, beach cleanups, public events, hole patrol amongst others. Your photos will be credited throughout any posts/emails they are used. (1 position available) Qualifications Camera required Knowledge of photo capturing/editing Knowledge of video editing Ability to volunteer a few times/month between 1-3 hours, depending on the event Commitment of at least 3 months Email with resume

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